La Corona del Sol y Prominencias Solares

This HDR composite of the 2024-04-08 18:52 UT total solar eclipse was made combining images from two different camera telescope setups from Little Rock, Arkansas.

The corona data was taken with 18 HDR exposures from 0.8 to 1/320 sec with a Sony a6300 crop sensor mirrorless camera and a William Optics RedCat 250/51mm f/5 Petzval refractor. The solar disk and prominence data was taken with a Questar 1280/89mm, f/15, telescope and Sony a7iii. 4 1/30 sec exposures stacked for noise reduction. The RedCat data was upscaled and rotated to match the data from the Questar. Dynamic range was allocated to show the twilight blue sky color, the inner to mid corona, and the bright prominences clearly.

Here's an earlier example with more emphasis on the inner corona:

Rendering extreme HDR images like this involves lots of choices. The image above was rendered to optimize visibility of the prominences and the blue color of the sky. This limited the dynamic range for the corona from above and below. The image was also more closely cropped to increase the visibility of the prominences. Every yes is also a no to something else. Here is the same image with those optimizations turned off and the corona more fully visible.

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