Lunar Eclipse Plans

The weather forecast continues to be excellent for eclipse viewers from New Mexico to Georgia. I plan to observe from my driveway here in Austin, Texas.

My equipment plans include 3 cameras and two telescopes:

  • Tracking the Moon a Questar 89mm telescope with a Sony a6300 for close up images
  • Tracking the Earth's shadow using a Vixen Polarie mount, and imaging with a Nikkor 185mm f/2.8 lens with a Sony NEX-5N
  • Following the Earth's rotation on a fixed tripod with a Sony RX-100 camera
  • Close up visual views with a Explore Scientific 4" refracting telescope

I'm still tuning my photo plans for the three cameras. I've incorporated these plans into my how-to article on Lunar Eclipse Photography. If you are here in Austin and interested in dropping by let me know. I'll have an "open driveway" if you want to drop by during the eclipse. You are welcome to check out what I'm doing or take a view through the visual scope. If you want to check out my setup or get a view of the eclipse through a telescope, contact me, I'll let you know the address and have hot coffee.

Content created: 2019-01-17




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