Mid-South Star Gaze

Mary and I are in French Camp, Mississippi at the Rainwater Observatory for the Mid-South Star Gaze. Rainwater Observatory is a beautiful facility with clear, dark skies. Last night dew was heavy and I manged to forget to bring anything to mitigate the dew. Thanks to Dewey for the hand warmers which helped very much. The thin crescent moon, Jupiter, the Ring Nebula, and the Beehive cluster were all highlights.

Single image Questar 89/1350mm f15 telescope with a Sony a6300 at prime focus.

So far I've met astronomers from Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, and Alabama as well as Mississippi. The weather forecast looks cloudier for the next couple of days, but there is a great schedule of talks during the day and chances to explore the observatory and the beautiful Natchez Trace.

Content created: 2017-04-28

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