More of the Pleiades

Working with DSO images is very different from processing planetary images. I'm learning a lot! I'm working out how to use PixInsight to pull The Pleiades out of an urban sky (Bortle 6+ light pollution) with data from a tiny 2" WO Redcat 51 telescope. This image has 90 minutes of total exposure at ISO 3200 with a Sony a7 iii. Pixinsight background extraction, color calibration and smarter noise reduction has considerably improved the image.

180 30 second exposures from the Sony a7ii stacked in Nebulosity with background extraction, color calibration, and noise reduction in PixInsight. Final crop and exposure adjustment in Photoshop.

Prior versions

Just for fun I'm adding my prior Pleiades images, to illustrate my progress working with this data. The image below was processed with 16 bits per channel in Photoshop to reduce noise and bring out fainter nebulosity.

Stacked with sky glow gradient removed, 8 bit processing.

Stacked with mostly Photoshop processing.

Finally a crop of a typical unprocessed single image:

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