Day-Lapse Earthshine Crescent Moon

This day-lapse image combines last nights crescent Moon data with the earthshine data from the day before. The result is much closer to what one sees in the telescope eyepiece without the featureless grey blend area near the terminator. Compare it to my image from yesterday to see the difference.

A frustration of late is that the wonderful color calibrated 27" monitor from my wife sits next to a more typical monitor. It's easy to compare how they render these HDR earthshine images side by side. The difference is depressing and my electronic versions of the images are an unhappy compromise.

Crescent Moon from Austin, Texas. Questar 3.5" telescope (1350 mm f14) with Sony a6300 at prime focus. Crescent 2017-01-02 7:47 PM CST. Exposed 1/15 sec at ISO 200. Best 8 of 94 images stacked in Nebulosity and deconvolved in Lynkeos. Earthshine 2017-01-01 6:43 PM CST exposed ISO 1600 for 5 sec. 11 images stacked in Lynkeos. Composition of earthshine and crescent images in Photoshop.

The big picture context of the Moon with Venus is above. Sony a6300 with Rokinon 12mm f2 lens. Exposed at f8 for 1/100 sec at ISO 1600. 8 images stacked for noise reduction. Exposure stretched and cropped in Photoshop.

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