The Whirlpool, M51, drizzled

I've reprocessed my May Day Whirlpool. Transparency was poor with smoke and dust high up, but a relatively steady atmosphere. This time I drizzle stacked my dithered images to improve resolution. I used StarXTerminator to separate nebulosity and star layers enabling processing to bring out the best details in both. I also used localized stretching on the brightest stars to control star bloat. Overall I've learned more from each of the Fort Davis images. It's been fun to apply that and see significant improvment in all the images.

Imaged starting 2022-05-01 02:32 UT. I stacked and processed 26 five minute exposoures taken with a William Optics RedCat 250/51mm telescope, Baader UV/IR cut filter, ZWO ASI 533 MC camera, and SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 mount, ASI EAF and guide camera. All were controlled with a ZWO ASIAir Plus Controller. Processed in PixInsight, StarXTerminator, Topaz DeNoise, and Photoshop.

P.S. I rewored this data once again with the RC Astro BlurXTerminator, NoiseXTerminator, and StarXTerminator plugins to PixInsight:

Whirlpool Galaxy M51
Shot from Fort Davis, Texas, starting 2022-04-07 02:54 UT with the RedCat 250/51 mm telescope, Baader UV/IR cut filter, and ZWO ASI 533 MC camera. Stacked and processed 60 3 minute exposures drizzle stacked in PixInsight with Blur/Noise/StarXTerminator plugins and final exposure and crop in Photoshop.

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