Urban Stargazing in Austin

If your trees are too tall or your neighbors lights too bright, there are places in Austin and within an hours drive that can give better views of the sky. See the individual Austin sites in this section for local information.

With reasonable caution, urban observing can be as safe as stargazing in your own front yard. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Neighborhood parks and schools in single family residential areas are likely to be safest.
  • Bring a mobile phone.
  • Bring a buddy.
  • Check out restroom access and parking beforehand.
  • Most local parks have a nominal 10 PM closing time.
  • Respect private property
  • If you have a clear purpose (telescope) and non-threatening appearance, you are more likely to have an outreach opportunity than be challenged.
  • It helps to be friendly, if you are asking to bend the rules.

You can read more about stargazing in the city:

Help me to expand this list of good spots to observe in town. Send your favorites with description including: web links, information about access, hours, restrooms, parking, and maps to the contact address and I'll add them.

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