Park Avenue Empire State Moon

The waxing first quarter Moon was spectacular Sunday evening in New York, as we headed back to our hotel after dinner. I had my coat pocket astrophotography kit with me and was able to capture this HDR composite of the Moon and the Empire State building.

Sony RX100 V with at 14.7 mm (40 mm equiv) focal length. Images taken 2018-04-22 around 23:00 EDT. Moon exposure 1/50 sec, f/3.2, ISO 400 best 8 of 50 images stacked in Autostakkert 3. Empire State single image exposed for 25 sec, f/3.2, at ISO 200. Final composite and crop in Photoshop.

Curbs, walls, windows sills, mail and news boxes all make great platforms for shooting night sky images in the city.

Content created: 2018-04-24




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