First Quarter Moon

Great steady sky in Austin after weeks of clouds. I caught the Moon less than a day past first quarter. I have some 4k video shot with a Barlow lens to work with as well. This full disk image was shot using 24MP still images.

Taken 2017-03-06 02:04 UT. Questar 3.5" f14 with Sony a6300 at prime focus, ISO 200, 1/50 sec. Best 16 of 80 images stacked and deconvolved in Lynkeos. Final crop and exposure tweaks in Photoshop.

I then switched to 4k 30fps video and added two Dakin 2X barlows:

The Vallis Alpes on the Moon. You can make out bits of the central rille in the full sized image. Questar 3.5 2x2x Dakin Barlows and Sony a6300. Best 40% of 1000 frames of 4k video stacked and deconvolved in Lynkeos. Final crop and tweaks in Photoshop.

Content created: 2017-03-05

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Very beautiful...

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Great picture, one of the most impressive I've seen about the Moon!




Moon Phase