Snow Moon Eclipse Triptych

Three images of the Snow Moon Penumbral Eclipse from Austin, Texas: One just after moonrise in Austin at 2017-02-11 00:53 UT, one near mid-eclipse 01:07 UT, and one after the eclipse at 04:37 UT. All images taken with a Questar 3.5" telescope and Sony a6300 camera at prime focus. All images were stacked and deconvolved in Lynkeos, with the final compositing and exposure adjustments in Photoshop. Final images scaled 2048/3600.

The moonrise image above is a stack of an image of the moon rising through the trees, with 16 additional images of just the moon taken trough a gap in the trees all exposed ISO 200 for 1/60 sec.

The mid-eclipse image is a stack of 16 images taken at the same ISO 200 for 1/60 sec.

After the eclipse the exposure was shortened to 1/125 sec at ISO 200. The best 16 images there were stacked as well.

Above is the final triptych of the three images.

Content created: 2017-02-11

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