Lucy in the Sky with Rho Ophiuchi

From Bad Wolf Ranch, Texas. Image north down with a southern portion of the Rho Ophiuchi star forming nebula. Antares in the upper right, M4 globular cluster top middle, Al Niyat left of center.

Taken 2021-03-20 08:31 UT. 40 x 3' subs for 2 hours total exposure with a 51mm f/4.9 refractor, at unity gain.

William Optics RecCat 51, Baader UV/IR filter, ZWO ASI 533 MC Pro one shot color camera. Sky-Watcher AZ EQ5 Pro mount with ZWO ASIAIR imaging computer, and iPad for scope and camera control. Processed in PixInsight, Topaz DeNoise, and Photoshop.

Bad Wolf Ranch is a Lampasas County, Bortle Class 3, private dark sky site generously made available to Austin Astronomical Society members by Alan and Caroline Carruth.

Content created: 2021-03-22




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