Apollo 50th is my 24th Flickr Explore Selection

Every day the Flickr photography website gets tens of millions of new images uploaded. They (algorithms are involved) select the 500 most interesting images to be featured in Flickr Explore. I'm very pleased to have my Apollo 50th Full Moon be my 24th astrophotograph selected for Flickr Explore.

1. Apollo 50th Full Moon, 2. Sword of Orion from Terlingua Texas, 3. Nearly First Quarter Moon from Austin, 4. Waxing Crescent Moon from Austin, 5. A day before the Full Moon 180330, 6. Beaver Moon Rise from Austin Texas, 7. 2017 Great American Eclipse Revisited - put a ring on it!, 8. Full Moon before Total Solar Eclipse 2017, 9. The Crescent Moon with Jupiter and moons, 10. 2 day Crescent Moon with Earthshine, 11. One Armed Moon 160918, 12. Waxing Crescent Moon with Earthshine 160628, 13. Saturn with five moons 2016-06-18, 14. Austin Waning Crescent Moon 16-01-04, 15. Christmas Eve nearly full Moon, 16. La Befana full Moon coming up, 17. Geminid Meteor and holiday lit trees, 18. Lunar Occultation Of Venus 151207, 19. Welcome to Winter with M42 The Great Nebula in Orion, 20. MoonFull151027Best20of40Sima15NebLynkDC, 21. Mercury and earthshine on the Moon 151011 HDR Mosaic, 22. Moon First Quarter + 1 day 150922, 23. Waning Gibbous Moon 201509020701, 24. The nearly Blue Moon Revisited

Many of these are among my favorites. For some I prefer other images from myself and others on Flickr, but there is no winning an argument with a robot. Astrophotography is a pursuit that takes a lot of time and effort. I do it for my own enjoyment, but I have a quantitative bent and a healthy need for approval. Having images that are in some sense "one in ten million" images gives me confidence that my second act is worthwhile. I very much appreciate the feedback from those who view my images on Flickr, especially those who make suggestions for improvement.

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