Waxing Gibbous Moon with Vallis Schroteri

Clear steady skies last night in Austin, Texas, showed a spectacular view of Vallis Schroteri cutting through the highlands north and west of Aristarchus on the 12 day old Moon.

When I first tried using AutoStakkert to stack full disk images of the Moon, I found that the released 32 bit version choked on large images. For this image I tried out the latest beta of Emil Kraaikamp's 64 bit AutoStakkert 3 and am very pleased with the results. They appear comparable to using the affine transform option in Nebulosity, however AutoStakkert 3 is much faster. Both are a step up from the straight forward stacking in Lynkeos.

Imaged with a Questar 1350/89 mm telescope with a Sony a6300 camera at prime focus. Best 10% of 114 images stacked in AutoStakkert 3, deconvolved in Lynkeos, with final crop and exposure in Photoshop.

The region around Aristarchus and the Vallis Schroteri was spectactular. Here is a 1:1 crop:

A 1:1 crop of the region around Copernicus:

Content created: 2018-01-29




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