Crescent Venus in the Moon's arms

Venus and the Moon show a very similar crescent, when Venus is on the near side of the Sun.    A composite of images taken 2020-04-27 about 01:48 UT. The overlayed Venus is magnified 3 times to reveal its shape. In the sky, Venus was actually about four degrees to the right of the Moon. I'm working on another image that will show them in their correct positions in the sky, but in less detail. Both images were taken with a Questar 1300/89 mm telescope and Sony a6300 camera.

Venus was exposed 1/400 sec and the Moon 1/15 sec at ISO 100. Both images were stacked in Autostakkert 3. Venus the best 16 of 100 frames was 3x drizzle stacked. T he Moon was stacked from the best 8 of 50 frames. Final composite, exposure adjustment, and crop was done in Photoshop.

Content created: 2020-04-27




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