Questar Viewing Table

Visual observers often prefer to use the Questar with its included tripod legs on a table rather than mounted on a larger tripod. It can be hard to locate a steady table with a clear view of the sky. Paul Bock designed a very nice table just for the Questar. It is large enough for the Questar, accessories, and a star map or iPad; not large enough to easily bang into or tempt someone to rest their elbows on it. I built a version of Paul Bock's Q-Table design with a few changes:

  • The table top is edged with edge molding which makes it harder to knock the telescope off.
  • I added adjustable chains between the legs, to allow adjustment for uneven ground. Cutting slots to allow the center of the tripod leg to be clamped in place, would allow even more adjustment if needed.
  • I braced the 1x2 cleats where the legs are attached with a triangular brace for added rigidity as shown below.

The adjustable leg brace chains are shown below

I find the wing nuts awkward to use for removing the legs for transportation. I think a much better solution would be to to cut slots in the mounting cleats and find some cam lever lock nuts or adapt some bicycle quick release hubs to attaching the legs.

I used Paul Bock's plans for dimensions, which Larry Geary uploaded to the Yahoo Questar Forum in 2007. Refer to Paul Bock's Q-Table plans for materials, dimensions and directions.

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