Pleiades under Austin City Lights

Another in my Austin City Lights images with the Pleiades from my driveway (Bortle 6+ light pollution). I'm figuring out how to take better images with the tiny 2" WO Redcat 51 telescope. Only an hour and a half of total exposure. Doubling or trippling that will reduce the noise in the faint nebulosity and let me reduce the ISO/gain to keep the bright star color.

This is my first image with an all 64 bit software workflow. I've also substituted Photoshop RAW conversion for my usual CaptureOne.

I have difficulty expressing politely how angry I am with with the new PhaseOne and Adobe software releases. It seems that both companies don't think that saving your work is an important function to test. Capture One 20 fails to export most of the images giving only an obscure "could not preload image" error. Photoshop CS 2020 frequently fails to save processed images with save stuck on 99%

180 30 second exposures from the Sony a7ii at ISO 3200. Stacked in Nebulosity with exposure stretching and final crop in Photoshop.

Content created: 2020-01-04




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