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After a few days of good skies, we've returned to clouds, rain, heat and cold here in Texas. It's been a good time to update features on the site. The new per page comments and social media hooks are in place across the site.

Moon images showing the current phase of the moon now punctuate the left column menu on every page. The weather forecast page has also been improved.

Behind the scenes a new automated deployment mechanism is in place that will eventually enable site updates from my iPad.

My January Crescent Moon with Earthshine image gets the two page centerfold treatment in Amateur Astrophotography Magazine. It's in an online flash app, but the good news is that there are no staples :-). Issue 37 pp 42-43

January Earthshine Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon from Austin on 2017-01-31 01:02 UT. Questar 3.5" telescope (1350mm f14) and Sony a6300 camera at prime focus. A day-lapse HDR image. Crescent exposed 1/25 sec at ISO 400. Best 8 of 105 images stacked in Nebulosity. Earthshine exposed on 2017-01-30 00:55 UT for 5 sec at ISO 400, best 16 of 30 images stacked in Lynkeos. Deconvolution in Lynkeos with HDR composition in Photoshop.

Earth and Sky also included my triptych of the penumbral lunar eclipse in their gallery of photos.

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