Comet NEOWISE at dusk

Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE at dusk from Austin, Texas. Sky was still not as clear as for my dawn image a week ago, but could spot the comet in binoculars easily for the first time at dusk. Too much sky glow from African dust and Gulf humidity for an unaided look this far south. There were a couple of stars right near the head of the comet, that made its motion against the sky very clear during the 40 minutes I took images. William Optics 250/51mm telescope, Sony a7iii, and Vixen Polarie tracking mount.

Stack of five 15 sec images for a total exposure of 75 sec, ISO 1600, at f/4.9. Stacked in Nebulosity, Topaz denoise, final exposure and crop in PhotoShop.

In the rush to setup at the last minute, I forgot to remove my camera strap. Here is my setup for this shot

Content created: 2020-07-17




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