Like everyone else, I have beliefs, motivations, likes and dislikes. I've summarized some here as a framework for understanding the directions that I pursue and choices I've made.

  • I like building stuff and I like learning about how others have built things of interest to me. I'm committed to a maker ethic. If I make something, I'm happy to tell you how I did it.
  • I'm committed to open shared culture. All of my images are available for download as full resolution jpegs without any watermarks for non-commercial use with credit given to me. See the About / Licensing section for full details
  • I like small portable things. My Ph.D. thesis was in micro-electronics and I still have that passion for making things small and easy to use.
  • I'm focused on ultra-portable astrophotography: Small scopes, small cameras, and a smart-phone. I observe more often and spend more time observing with a small kit. Others use big scopes, heavy mounts, and laptops for observing and imaging and get great results, but you will need to look elsewhere for information on those.
  • Using a lite kit, for gathering image data, requires heavy processing on the back end. This is work that I enjoy. Teasing a beautiful image out of noisy data is fun for me.
  • I'm a scientist at heart. I usually don't care for "fantasy" images that don't reflect the physical reality of astronomical events - especially when the fantasy element isn't made clear. I image with a small, unguided telescope. High quality images with this class of equipment require compositing for stacking. My images are stacked and heavily processed to reduce noise, increase resolution, and increase dynamic range. I think computational photography is the future of photography. Modern cameras already produce in camera composite images in many modes.
  • I seek out constructive criticism, so feel free to share your opinions. I've found a few people are so surprised by the quality of my images that they think that they must be faked. Feel free to ask and I'll be glad to explain exactly what I did to get that result.

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