Solar System Ambassadors

I'm pleased to announce my selection as a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Solar System Ambassador for 2019. SSA volunteers are trained by NASA JPL for public presentations about solar system discoveries and science. Ambassadors give talks, workshops, and star parties for community groups.

As an ambassador, I have access to information and training about the space science missions and discoveries from scientists at NASA. I'll be giving talks and workshops using these resources as a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador. I'll continue the sidewalk astronomy, star parties, and astrophotography talks that I'm doing enriched by NASA resources. Contact me directly to arrange an appearance.

Almost 1000 volunteers have been selected for this NASA public engagement program over the past two decades. As volunteers, we speak for our selves and do not represent NASA or JPL. You can find out more about the program and events at the SSA website. Contact SSA volunteers in any location via the Directory of Ambassadors.

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