One armed Moon

The Moon a day past full from Austin, Texas. I couldn't pass up the clear steady skies for this shot, even with one arm in a sling after dislocating it last weekend. Dr. Loeb said that I'm fine for limited use of my right hand as long as I keep my arm down and in the sling. That's all I need to lock the little Questar into place on my wedge. Next month I get my shoulder repaired and I should be 100% four months after that. It's good to know that I can keep up the fun while healing.

Questar 1300/89mm telescope with Sony a6300 camera at prime focus. Exposed for 1/40 sec at ISO 100 at 2016-09-18 05:06 UT. Best 8 of 79 images stacked in Nebulosity, deconvolved in Lynkeos with final crop and exposure in Photoshop.

A couple of crops of the full resolution image are below. Follow the links for the whole show.

100% crop of the Mare Crisium region.

100% crop near Copernicus.

100% crop of the Alps with Plato, the Alpine Valley, Aristoteles, and Eudoxus

Content created: 2016-09-18

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