The Pleiades on a whim

Last night as the Perseid meteor shower tapered off. I watched the Pleiades and then Orion rise in the east. As I started to put things away, I popped my $25 vintage 135mm Vivatar Lens on the Sony a6300 and took 11 minutes of 30 sec exposures at ISO 2500 at f4 before the sky got too light. Tracking was with a Vixen Polarie. Stacking in Nebulosity and stretching in Photoshop.

The Perseids are a different story. They seemed to be all over the sky rather than concentrated near Perseus. One that I caught only by eye was pretty bright and burned out pretty low, just above the tree line to the south. Out of hundreds I only captured about a dozen. Most of the night I shot time lapse style centered on Perseus with a 12mm lens. Figuring out how to process the images may take me a while. Here's the best one so far, a stretched crop of a single image showing three meteors. You can see the Andromeda Galaxy and the double cluster in Perseus in the background. Both were easily visible to the unaided eye.

Content created: 2016-08-12




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