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Almost two years ago I captured the Andromeda Galaxy from the Coconino Plateau near Flagstaff, Arizona on 2020-09-14. You can see a couple of my results from then. The data was captured with my WO RedCat 250/51 mm and ZWO ASI 533 using an unguided Vixen Polarie star tracker. The Polarie limited me to 30" exposures at this focal length. The image below was drizzle stacked using the drift from imperfect tracking as a natural dither with nebulosity and stars separated with StarNet2. Processing 182 subframes to create a 36 MP image made the fans on my MacBook M1 Pro kick on, but the case barely heated past body temperature to 40C.

182 30" exposures of Andromeda on 2020-09-14. William Optics RedCat 250/51mm Petzval refractor and ZWO ASI533MC cooled astrophotography camera. Controlled by a ZWO ASIAir Pro. All on a single axis Vixen Polarie mount. Processing in PixInsight, StarNet2, DeNoise AI, and Photoshop.

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