Sunset with Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus

Towering grey clouds were moving in from the east at sunset, but the sky was clear to the west. This time I shot with a 60mm lens to capture more of the sunset. Taken from behind the clubhouse at the old Balcones Spicewood golf course. If you can't see Mercury in the small image, follow the links to a full size image.

Left to right: Mercury peeking through the cloud between the trees, then Jupiter and Venus closing in on their conjunction in just two days. Sony a6300 with Sigma 60mm at f2.8. Single image exposed 1/10 sec at ISO 400 on 2016-08-25 at 8:39 PM CDT. Exposure adjustment in Photoshop.

Ten minutes later, I used Vivitar 135mm lens that I used the evening before:

Sony a6300 with Vivitar 135mm at f2.8. Single image exposed 1/6 sec at ISO 800 on 2016-08-25 at 8:49 PM CDT. Exposure adjustment in Photoshop.

Compare to the image from the night before to see the rapid closing of the gap between Jupiter and Venus. You can also see a preview of what to expect on Saturday through a telescope.

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