Lagoon Nebula from Joppa

The Lagoon Nebula is in Milky Way between Sagittarius and Scorpio. This part of the sky is crowded with beautiful sights. I chose M8 because it is relatively bright and I had limited time. I joined the Williamson County Astronomy Club for a socially distant evening at David Ault's beautiful hill country place in Joppy. David has forgotten more about astrophotography than I know. This was my first time traveling with the new kit and I managed to leave my iPad with the control software for the ASIAir at home. After a quick climb up the nearest hill, the software was on my iPhone, and all was good. Joppa has a Bortle class 3+ sky and Milky Way was high and bright with M8 just visible to my old eyes.

Image take 2020-09-08 with 102 minute total exposure in 30 sec. subs and 30 darks. William Optics RedCat 51 telescope, Vixen Polarie star tracking mount, Baader Sky Glow filter, ZWO ASI533MC Pro camera cooled to 5 C controlled by the amazing Raspberry Pi 4 based ASIAir astrophotography control computer. This is just a quick processing of the data. Stacking in Nebulosity (don't ask), color correction in PixInsight, and final crop and exposure in Photoshop.

I'll be working further on this data and understanding my issues in PixInsight. I snapped a photo of the group at work while my software was downloading.

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