Waning gibbous Moon

The clouds parted for a lovely view of the waning gibbous March moon through our oak tree. This is shot with the WO RedCat 250/51mm 2 inch telescope and Sony a7iii. It's been great fun exploring how much detail I can get from this wonderful little telescope. The cloudy weather has been frustrating, so I jumped at tonight's opportunity.

The high resolution Moon is thanks to a four frame dithered stack in Autostakkert. HDR composite in Photoshop. Taken 2020-03-11 04:16 UT from Austin, Texas. Sony a7iii with f/4.9 RedCat 51 telescope,

Moon 1/250 sec exposure and foreground 1/5 sec. Best 4 of 45 exposures lucky image stack in AutoStakkert 3, deconvolution in Lynkeos, and HDR compositing, crop, and exposure adjust in Photoshop.

Content created: 2020-03-11




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