Belated 1st Anneversary

Friday night I joined forces with Ed LaBelle's Psalm 19 Astronomy for sidewalk astronomy on the Pfluger pedestrian bridge over Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. It was a great evening with lots (50+) of visitors with some coming back for the late show too.

The 1st anniversary of Not so Bad Astro passed a couple of weeks ago while Mary and I were making an astrophotography stopover in Northern Arizona. I got some very good news that week (announcement in August), that distracted me. Looking back I'm pleased to see that in it's first year, we had over 20,000 visits to the site. I also see results from adding the automatic language translation buttons to the site - India is now in the top ten sources of visitors and China and Hong Kong have shown similar growth.

The site also has a new URL that's easier for me to spell: - I hope that it makes the site easier to get to when a link isn't at hand.

Content created: 2017-06-12

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