ZWO ASI120MC first light

I'm a fan of DSLR/mirrorless camera imaging, because of the wide field of view that a large sensor gives and because the camera is self contained. There's no need to lug a laptop along. There are however advantages to dedicated planetary cameras like the ASI120MC: high resolution uncompressed video and fast frame rates.

Naturally, I'm curious how the other side lives. The recent sale on the ZWO ASI120MC planetary one shot color camera and better support for it on macOS, tempted me to take the plunge. I hope to be reporting more on my experiments with it and to incorporate it into my imaging tools in the future. For now here's my astronomical fist light image of the moon:

It was easy switching between the ZWO ASI120MC and the Sony a63300 on the axial port of the Questar. Of course I had to bring out my Macbook to control and capture images from the ZWO camera.

Content created: 2017-03-30

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