Publications, awards, and recognition of my photos include:

  • Sky & Telescope's Skywatch 2017 Milky Way image
  • Texas Star Party Solar System Image of the Year 2015
  • Amateur Astrophotography magazine Moon images
  • Flicker - over 100 images with more than a thousand views and more than a dozen Flickr Explore selections
  • BBC TV "Stargazing Live" Comet Lovejoy image
  • BBC iWonder Lunar Eclipse Image
  • BBC 4 The Sky at Night Crescent Moon in favorite images Sept 2016
  • Multiple Image of the Day and gallery photos on Earth & Sky
  • PBS Digital “It’s Okay to be Smart” lunar eclipse photography consultant
  • Sky & Telescope SkyWatch 2017 magazine image
  • Space Squid eZine fiction illustration
  • Time Warner TV News featured his Five Planets at Dawn image
  • Wisconsin Public Radio Pluto New Horizons montage image
  • Images of the Week Amateur Astronomy Selenology Project
  • Images of the Month Austin Astronomical Society

I make these images for myself, but your comments by mail, Flickr and Facebook inspire me to share them. Here's a sample of comments from Flickr.

  • PD: This is the best full moon shot of any I have seen up to now.
  • KR: Stunning capture!
  • SW: Wow! Terrific job capturing all that color detail on the moon. Very neat shot. Congrats on Explore!
  • TW: Simply perfect in the detail!
  • JF: Stunning I've seen!! Thanks for sharing and congrats on Explore.
  • JL: Beautiful capture !
  • JF: Marvelous image, awe of shots like this!!!
  • FT: Superb !
  • RL: I feel like an astonished child. Thanks for this photo.
  • AD: Gorgeous!
  • DM: Beautiful photograph. Beautifully surreal.
  • DR: Wow
  • ZH: Great minimalism.
  • DV: Outstanding picture !!!! Congratulations on Explore !!
  • BB: Magnifique.
  • JA: Una fantástica imagen. Me encantan su composición, su nitidez y la luz. Una maravilla. Enhorabuena por el explore. Muy merecido.
  • LR: the best record I've ever seen about the Moon rather than recorded in an spacecraft. Congratulations!

My astro images on Flicr have drawn over 600,000 views. Explore images are selected by Flickr as the most interesting 500 of the more than 50 million images uploaded to Flickr each day. Scout generated this poster of my Explore images on Flickr with their rank:

I'm proud of my Texas Star Party Solar System Image of the Year 2015 award for the image below.

Jet gets a close view of Solar Eclipse
A passing jet gets a close view of the partial eclipse of 2014-10-23 at 5:55 CDT in Austin, Texas. Questar 3.5" with Sony NEX-5N at prime focus ISO 200 for 1/60 sec. Deconvolved in Lynkeos, final adjustments in Photoshop. The plane is about 60 miles away.

Content created: 2015-05-18

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