Leo Triplet Revisited

The Leo Triplet, M65, M66, and edge on NGC 36728, is shown here with NGC 3593 on the left. The Triplet is a highlight of late spring skies. I've reprocessed my original data with more attention to preserving colors. Rendering color in astro iamges for electronic display on the web is always a compromise. Viewers displays differ widely in gamut and calibration. At home have several displays that I use to try for a compromise that will work well most of the time.

It was a cloudy day in Fort Davis but we ended up with about 5 hours of clear skies last night. This image was taken starting 2022-04-26 03:14 UT with 96 minutes of total exposure with an f/5 250/51mm William Optics RedCat telescope, Baader UV/IR cut filter, and ZWO ASI 533 MC camera.

Stacked and processed 32 3 minute exposures in PixInsight, StarExterminator, Topaz DeNoise, and Photoshop.

Identified courtesty of astrometry.net:

My original rendering of this data.

Content created: 2022-05-08




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