3 months, 92 nations, 3750 visitors, 100,000+ images served

Clouds spoiled my early morning observing today, so I turned to responding to a request for help from a student and assessing the progress of the site.

Today completes Not so bad Astro's third month of operation. The addition of this blog has made it easier to keep the site fresh. I've also made many updates to improve the longer notes. Astrophotography in Texas with the Questar and other ultra portable equipment is a very specific focus. I'm amazed at the world wide scope of interest.

Google tells me that 3750 different visitors have viewed the site from ninety-two different countries over those three months. I'm glad that many of those come back again for new images and articles. Recently I was pleased to see visitors Tunisia and Mongolia and take a moment to envy their exotic dark skies.

In the past month, page views averaged 165 per day and many of these have slide shows. My server logs show an average of 1982 images served a day during that same time. A page of content seems to be worth viewing about a dozen images. I plan to keep the images coming.

Although the site is driven by my own interests, I also enjoy hearing and responding to your experiences and questions. I'm periodically embarrassed by my own carelessness, so please let me know when anything I write looks wrong to you. You can always reach me at my contact address.

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