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Every month brings new things to see in the sky. Many organizations hold public events of interest to local astronomers. This calendar lists them all in one place.

Observing events are often outdoors and subject to weather and other last minute changes. Be sure to check with the sponsoring organization for the latest information. Events like close planetary approaches may not be visible from Austin at the peak (start) event time, but normally will still be enjoyable when they come into view.

If the Austin512Astronomy Google calendar fails to appear in the space below, you can find it here.

You may be able to include these events automatically in your personal calendar via a Google Calendar integration or iCal ics.

Items included in the calendar

I scan a number of calendars and mailing lists for events to include. I also accept announcements emailed to me at this site's contact address. I list observing events and talks with a specific astronomy related topic or speaker that are in the Austin metropolitan area. I will also list major observing events that will draw observers from Austin. If you send me an event for the calendar send it at least two weeks in advance and include:

  • the event name
  • the sponsoring organization
  • the event description including the speaker and subject for talks
  • a web link or phone number for the event sponsor to get the latest information
  • any additional information about access, facilities, or intended audience (e.g. children, novice observers, astrophotographers, etc.)
  • a physical street address for the event
  • the date and time the event starts
  • the date and time the event ends

Calendars that I scan for future public events include:

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