Secrets of Lunar Photography - Hill Country Photo Club

I'm looking forward to meeting the talented and enthusiastic photographers at the Hill Country Photo Club in San Marcos. Thursday, February 21, I'll be giving an astrophotography talk to the group and guests. Lunar images and Milky Way nightscapes are the gateway drugs for astrophotography. I'll be focusing on the Moon with my talk "Secrets of Moon Photography" I'll focus on stacking and post processing tips. In my first talk as a NASA JPL Ambassador, I'll also discuss opportunities to work with NASA lunar imagery. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM.

I know that there are a bunch of amateur astronomers and astrophotographers enjoying darker skies south of Austin. You are welcome to come for this under-the-covers look at techniques that I've found very effective in making my images truer to nature.

The HCPC event will be at Brookdale San Marcos North (Assisted Living Facility, formerly Horizon Bay), 1720 Old Ranch Road 12 in San Marcos. The map below is linked to directions to the event:

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