Egyptian Skies

I've been traveling for a month and had fewer chances for astrophotography than I hoped. It turns out that they have the same Saharan dust in the Sahara that we see occasionally in North America. The skies from the Nubian Sea (Lake Nasser) from Aswan to Abu Simbel were profoundly dark to the horizon in spite of the loss of transparancy from the dust. This image of Moonlight and Orion over the Nubian Sea was a handheld image taken with an iPhone 14 Pro and cleaned up with Topaz Photo AI.

Other than for astro images my iPhone has become my main travel camera. It takes outstanding images even in chalanging lighting conditions. If you want to see other images from Egypt:

Sunrise over the Black Sea on our flight from Istanbul to Cairo. Image links to a slideshow of images from Egypt. All images taken with an iPhone 14 Pro.

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