Total Solar Eclipse, Little Rock

Little Rock gave us clear skies for the entire solar eclipse. This image of solar prominences and the silhouette of the lunar southern highlands was made with a Questar 1280/89mm, f/15, telescope and Sony a7iii. 4 1/30 sec exposures stacked for noise reduction.

I shot the eclipse from Little Rock with only 2'48" of totality to avoid traffic westward along I40. We were concerned because we needed to return to Austin in time for commitments the next day. Shooting from a city had its compensations, including a liesurely breakfast at a delicious french bakery just a block from our son's house. We avoided big gatherings because of the logistics of equipment setup. Setting up on a corner, in the very walkable Heights neighborhood, gave us lots of opportunity to meet neighbors and visitors. We started off with conversation with the New York Times, super smart, extreme weather reporter, Judson Jones.

The setup included Questar 1280mm and RedCat 250mm on tracking mounts, and a manetic mount for iPhones

Once the scopes were up there was a steady stream of curious walkers and eventually a small group of neighbors gathered to share the experience.

There was plenty to see in the sky and on the ground. Tree leaves create pinhole lenses that project views of the eclipse on the ground.

We managed a group photo at the end.

I'll be posting more eclipse images and an animation of the entire event as I get my data processed.

Content created: 2024-04-09




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