Crab Nebula revisited

I first captured an image of the Crab Nubula, M1, the remant of the super nova in my petroglyph image from Chaco Canyon in an image from March 2021. I've reworked that data with my new drizzle stacked, forked nebulosity and star layer processing with spectacualar results. The image upper image below is a 1:1 crop of the Crab Nebula the lower image was my first result. They are linked to the full size new image.

Twenty-three 3 minute exposures for a total of 69 minutes exposure with a William Optics RedCat 250/51mm refractor, Baader skyglow gilter, ZWO ASI533MC color camera cooled to -10 degrees C. Processed with dark, and bias calibration frames in PixInsight. Drizzle stacked in PixInsight for a 2x resolution increase. Mixed use of StarNet 2 separation of nebulosity and StarXterminator for star layers. Both PixInsight muli-scale linear and Topaz DeNoise noise reduction. Final crop and exposure in Photoshop.

Content created: 2022-07-11




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