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Images by Title

01 Thin Crescent Moon 150914

02 Crescent Moon

03 Earthshine on the Waxing Crescent Moon

04 Crescent Moon with earthshine

05 Terlingua Crescent Moon

06 Birthday Crescent Moon

07 First quarter Moon

08 Waxing Gibbous Moon

09 Waxing Gibbous Moon

10 Waxing Gibbous Moon

11 Waxing Gibbous Moon

12 Waxing Gibbous Moon 160321 stills with silent shutter

13 Christmas Eve nearly full Moon

14 Merry Christmas (La Befana) Full Moon

15 Moon Super 140811

16 Waning Gibbous Moon the Terminator is Back!

17 Waning Gibbous Moon 140813

18 Waning Gibbous Moon 140814

19 Moon Waning Gibbous 140815

20 Waning Gibbous Moon 140816

2017 Great American Eclipse Revisited, put a ring on it

21 Moon Last Quarter 140817

22 Moon Waning Crescent 140818

23 Waning Crescent Moon with Earthshine

24 Moon Waning Crescent

25 Moon Waning Crescent with Earthshine

26 Moon Waning Crescent

27 Moon Thin Waning Crescent 140823

28 Old Crescent Moon in the Sun's last grasp 140725

29 Moon during partial eclipse of the Sun 141023

Active sun with four sunspot groups

An Alpine sunset on the Moon

Andromeda Galaxy

April Fools' eve Moon with earthshine

Arizona Andromeda

Atacama Crescent Moon

Christmas eve Moon

City Lights RedCat Pleiades

Clavius Tycho Moretus region of the Moon

Clavius and the Southern Highlands of the Moon

Coconino Pleiades

Comet Lovejoy

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus

Conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, & Mercury

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

Copernicus in the early morning

Corazón Incendida

Corazón encendido - Sunspot group AR2529

December Solstice Crescent Moon with Earthshine

Earthshine Crescent Moon

Earthshine on a waxing crescent Moon

Elephant Trunk Nebula with the Garnet Star

First Quarter Moon

Fly me to the Moon

Geminid Meteor and holiday lit trees

Ghost town Omega Centauri Revisited

Globular Cluster M5

Great Hercules Globular Cluster M13

Heart of the Milky Way from ALMA OSF

ISS Solar Transit

January Earthshine Crescent Moon

Jet gets a close view of Solar Eclipse

Jupiter GRS, Europa, & Io transiting

Jupiter and the Galilean Moons

Jupiter at opposition 2017 - Revisited

Jupiter imaged with a Raspberry Pi Camera

Jupiter transited by Io & its shadow - Revisited

Jupiter with Galilean Moons

Jupiter with Ganymede Io(transiting) & Europa

Jupiter with Ganymede and its shadow

Luna & Gaia's Shadow

Lunar occultation of Venus

Mars 2018 24.1 arc sec

Mars 2018 closest approach

Mars before opposition May 2016 - Revisited

Mars just before 2020 opposition

Mars with Syrtis Major in view

Mercury & the Moon with Earthshine

Milky Way in Aquila

Moon & red Mars Conjunction

Moon setting Pulpit Rock Garden of the Gods

Moon, Jupiter, & Callisto

My Personal Universe

Nearly Blue Moon Revisited

North America & Pelican Nebulae

Omega Centauri from Terlingua

Perseid Meteor shower with the Andromeda Galaxy

Point and shoot Orion

Raspberry Pi Moon

Ring Nebula in Lyra

Saturn near opposition 2016

Saturn with five moons

Saturn with five moons 2016-06-09

Saturn with five moons 2016-06-18

Seven Worlds at Dawn

Spring Waning Crescent Moon with Earthshine

Summer Solstice Full Moon from Austin

Super Blue Blood Moon Time-lapse Lometa Texas

Sweet Home Alabama Jupiter with Io transit & Europa

Texas Longhorn Moon

The Constellation of Orion

The Pleiades on a whim

The Sword of Orion

The Sword of Orion

Thin crescent Moon

Total Lunar Eclipse 2019

Tranquility Base

Transit of Mercury

Very Large Array Antenna

Waning gibbous Moon

Waxing November gibbous Moon

Waxing gibbous Moon

Moon Phase