USA Total Solar Eclipse 2017

A solar eclipse will be visible across most of the US on August 21, 2017. The impact of a total eclipse is dramatically better than a partial eclipse. Finding your way to somewhere in the approximately 60 mile wide path of totality is essential for the best experience.

The path of totality will extend from Oregon (starts 10:15 AM PDT) to South Carolina (ends 2:49 PM EDT). It will cross the USA in about an hour and a half, with the shadow traveling at a faster than super sonic speed. Under clear skies, it will be a memorable event. Totality lasts only about 2 minutes at any spot along the center line. The Google eclipse map below shows where the total eclipse will be visible.

More information is available from the NASA Eclipse site, including estimated times for each phase of the eclipse from any location in the USA.

From Austin, about 65% of the sun will be obscured. The eclipse will start at 11:41 AM CDT. Maximum eclipse will be at 1:10 PM. The partial eclipse will end at 2:39 PM. If you can get to the path of totality, now is the time to make your plans.

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