Bright lights, big city, tiny telescope

I goofed, a new install of Adobe Camera Raw ended up importing my images in 8 bit per color rather than the 16 bit format needed. It's been well worth reworking these images as the results below show.

The Sony a7 iii considerably undersamples the resolution of the 2" William Optics RedCat 51 250/51 mm, f/4.9, but I'm very pleased with these results from my suburban driveway with Bortle 6+ skyglow and a bright waxing early gibbous moon in the sky.

Orion's Flame and Horsehead Nebulas

William Optics RedCat 250/51 mm f/4.9 with a full frame Sony a7 iii camera and an Astromania Moon & Skyglow filter exposing 132 30 second frames at ISO 3200. Stacked in Nebulosity with final crop and exposure stretching in photoshop.

The Pleiades

180 30 second exposures from the Sony a7ii at ISO 3200. Stacked in Nebulosity with exposure stretching and final crop in Photoshop.

The equipment

Here is the kit used for these images

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