RedCat Moon

It's been too long since I've taken a moon image. Past time to see how the little 2" RedCat performs on the Moon, it took a couple of weeks to get around to processing the images. I had to wait for a bug to be fixed in Crossover Mac to allow the stacking program that I prefer, Autostakkert 3, to run on the all 64bit macOS Catalina. I now have 64 bit versions of all my astronomy software running again on macOS. The waxing gibbous Moon of 2020-01-05 05:24 UT from Austin. I used the Sony a6300 for a less undersampling and a 1.5x drizzel and the Moon is nice and clear even with just 250mm of focal length. Not as sharp as the Questar but with plenty of room for other interesting things in the image although the moon was too high in the sky this time for that.

William Optics RedCat 51 and Sony a6300 exposed 1/250 sec at f/4.9 and ISO 100. Best 4 of 83 images stacked in AutoStakkert 3, deconvolved in Lynkeos, with final exposure and crop in Photoshop.

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