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I've continued my project reprocessing older images using the RC-Astro tools with PixInsight: StarXTerminator, NoiseXTerminator, and BlurXTerminator.

Marfa Western Veil Nebula
The Western Veil Nebula (NGC 6960) with the Witch's Broom adjacent to 52 Cygni at the bottom. These filamentary nebula are remnants of a super nova explosion from over 5000 years ago. The Veil nebula is about 2600 light years distant. The dark skies of Marfa allow true color broadband imaging. I used a William Optics Redcat 250/51mm f/4.9 Petzval refracting telescope, Baader UV/IR cut filter, and ZWO ASI533 MC Pro cooled camera on a Sky-Watcher AZ EQ5 Pro mount. Imaging was controlled with a ZWO ASIAIR Pro astrophotography controller.Image data taken 2021-06-11 from 07:30 to 10:30 UT with 3 hours of total exposure. 59 of 67 3 minute exposure images were calibrated with a master dark, drizzel stacked, and processed in Pixinsight, with RC-Astro Noise/Blur/StarXTerminator plugins. Final exposure and crop in PS.

Coconino Pleiades
The Pleiades captured the evening of 2020-09-15 with a William Optics RedCat 250/51mm Petzval refractor and ZWO ASI533MC cooled astrophotography camera controlled by a ZWO ASIAir Pro. This image includes data from 70 minutes of light frames and 15 minutes of dark frames taken at unity gain (101) at -10C in 30 second exposures. Most processing was in PixInsight with final crop and exposure in PhotoShop. Reprocessed with the RC-Astro Noise/Blur/StarXTerminator PixInsight plugins.

Whirlpool Galaxy M51
Shot from Fort Davis, Texas, starting 2022-04-07 02:54 UT with the RedCat 250/51 mm telescope, Baader UV/IR cut filter, and ZWO ASI 533 MC camera. Stacked and processed 60 3 minute exposures drizzle stacked in PixInsight with Blur/Noise/StarXTerminator plugins and final exposure and crop in Photoshop.

Bubble Nebula and Nova 2021 Cas
Nova 2021 Cas is only 10th magnitude, but appears in a beautiful neighborhood with open cluster M52, the Bubble Nebula, and additional reflection and emission nebula. The nova is the reddish star at the top center, directly above the Bubble Nebula and to the left of M52. This image is from a filter with only two narrow bands. One is for the Hydrogen alpha emission line and the other catches the Oxygen iii and Hydrogen beta lines. Together these illuminate red, green and blue pixels in a color camera. The result is an image that cuts through city lights and haze low on the horizon, yet can be balanced for a relatively natural color balance with the HOO palate. William Optics RedCat 51 2502"/51mm telescope, Optolong L-eNhance filter, ZWO ASI533 MC cooled color camera. Re-processed in Pixinsight, RC-Astro Noise/Blur/StarXterminator, and Photoshop.

Rho Ophiuchi
From Bad Wolf Ranch, Texas, 2021-03-20 08:31 UT. 40 x 3' subs for 2 hours total exposure with a 51mm f/4.9 refractor, at unity gain. William Optics RecCat 51, Baader UV/IR filter, ZWO ASI 533 MC Pro one shot color camera. Sky-Watcher AZ EQ5 Pro mount with ZWO ASIAIR imaging computer, and iPad for scope and camera control. Processed in PixInsight with Noise/Blur/StarXTerminator plugins. Final crop and exposure in PS.

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