The Little Beehive in the Big Dog

I've been taking it easy after my 2nd ablation in January. I'm exercising daily now for two months. Other than walking, that's something that I've never done. It felt good taking my mount out to the driveway and exercising some rusty skills. I'm running the the beta 1.9 software for the ASIAir Plus. In the past 6 months the AA+ has become reliable and I didn't even bother to take my trusty AA Pro out to be ready for a quick hot swap. The list of targets has been augmented with a full planetarium view. Along with muti-Star tracking and all sky aligment, this little wonder is becoming very fully featured.

Thanks to the longer range of the external antenna, I was snug in my bed when my watch woke me for the meridian flip. I've insisted on watching this in person before; but last night I watched it remotely and it worked flawlessly with my SW AZ-EQ5 mount.

The Little Beehive open cluster, M41, trails Orion in Canis Major. It's about 2300 light years away with over 100 stars in an area the size of the full moon. It has a great variety of stars from red giants to white dwarves. This image was taken with a RedCat 250/51mm petzval scope, a broadband Baader Neodymium Moon and Skyglow filter, and ZWO 533MC Pro camera cooled to -10C. 27 1 minute exposures were shot the evening of 2022-04-06 from my home in Austin, stacked and processed in PixInsight, Topaz DeNoise, and Photoshop.

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