Waning Crescent Moon with Earthshine

The waning crescent Moon, 27 days old, from the old Spicewood golf course in Austin, Texas. The course has clear views to the eastern and western horizons with lots of big oaks. Taken before sunrise on 2017-03-25 11:21 UT.

Questar 1350/89mm telescope with Sony a6300 at prime focus. HDR composite. Crescent exposed 1/20 sec at ISO 800 best 9 of 80 images. Earthshine exposed 4 sec at ISO 400 best 10 of 17 images. Foreground trees exposed 1/2 sec at ISO 1000 single image. Moon image stacking and deconvolution in Lynkeos. HDR compositing and glare masking in Photoshop.

I was hoping to get a shot of the crescent Venus, but in setting up my view through the trees for the moon image, I blocked my view of Venus. I'm still pleased as punch with the stability of my new tripod and wedge setup shown above.

Content created: 2017-03-25

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