Moon Photography Talk for Hill Country Photo Club

I had a wonderful time at the Hill Country Photo Club. I was very impressed with the creativity I saw in the critique image shares from club members. Most hadn't tried astrophotography before, but they already have tremendous scope to their creativity. I hope to see more apply their talents to Moon images.

I especially want to thank Russ Moore asking me to give a talk, Anne Duncan for making it happen, and Eric Schoondergang and Carol Serur for being great hosts. The room was packed with a great crowd over 30 people who were mostly enthusiastic and occasionally patient when I got into too much detail. One even made the drive through rush hour traffic from Austin. It's too far for me to drive regularly, but I hope to visit some of their shows in the future.

I cleaned up the talk to better stand alone and incorporated Mary's excellent suggestions into this PDF version available here: Secrets of Moon Photography. As always if anything isn't clear let me know and I'll do my best to answer and improve the talk.

Content created: 2019-02-22




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