UT Austin Observatories

Sky darkness(Bortle class 1 is best): 8+

The University of Texas has two observatories on its Austin campus used for public viewing. Most Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, while school is in session, one of the telescopes is open.

The 16 inch telescope at Robert Lee Moore Hall (RLM) has a viewing night on Wednesdays. RLM near the south-east corner of Speedway and Dean Keaton. The RLM roof adjacent to the observatory provides a large area with a clear view of the sky. Check the Astronomy Outreach page for the schedule and visiting details.

The beautiful old 9 inch refracting telescope in Painter Hall, just north of the UT Tower, provides a wonderful vintage telescope viewing experience. No electricity is required to operate the weight driven clock drive. Viewing nights are on Fridays and Saturdays.

Visit UT Austin Astronomy Outreach for information about other programs for the public.

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