The Pleiades on a whim

The Pleiades on a whim

The Pleiades no telescope required, with a Sony a6300 camera, Vivitar 135mm f2 telephoto lens, and Vixen Polarie tracking mount. 11 minutes of 30 sec exposures at ISO 2500 at f4. Stacking in Nebulosity and stretching in Photoshop.

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Date Taken: 2016-08-12
Keywords: Pleiades




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flickr:Mauri Rosenthal

This is really nice. I'm also having some success with the Star Adventurer and my far more expensive $39 200mm Fujinon lens. Does precise tracking and powerful digital image processing trump great optics?

flickr:Rob Pettengill

All important. I think that great optics makes digital image processing a bit easier. You can use Gaussian approximations without bothering to measure real point spread functions. This image doesn't have any deconvolution though. I did step down one stop. Not sure that I needed to, because I just cropped down to the center. I ran out of darkness, but ended up being glad I spent the time on the meteors.

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