Jupiter with Galilean Moons

Jupiter with Galilean Moons

Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Jupiter, and Io (L to R); taken from Austin Texas on 2017-03-15 05:57 UT. A Questar 3.5" telescope with 2x2x Dakin Barlow lenses and a Sony a6300 camera. Focal length approximately 5200mm, f56. Jupiter best 603 of 2725 frames taken from 90" of 4k UHD 30fps video exposed 1/30 sec at ISO 800. Moons best 8 of 24 still images exposed 1 sec at ISO 800. Images stacked and deconvolved in Lynkeos with final compositing, crop, and exposure adjustment in Photoshop.

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Date Taken: 2017-03-15




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flickr:Eliot Herman

nice with the Q, plus Lynkeos did a great job stacking your video and combining all

FB:Ricky Garcia

Absolutely beautiful. ........

FB:Alan Schmeelk

Very nice!

FB:Thomas Empson

It is very difficult to expose fast enough to not blow out the stripes on the planet and yet long enough to pick up the Galilean moons.

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