Clavius and the Southern Highlands of the Moon

Clavius and the Southern Highlands of the Moon

Taken with a Questar 3.5" and Sony a6300 with Dakin 2x Barlow. 1/15 sec at ISO400 f28. 2016-06-28 10:18 UT. Deconvolved in Lynkeos, cropped and exposure adjusted in Photoshop.

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Date Taken: 2016-06-28
Keywords: Moon




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flickr:Caio Kawasaki

What lenses should I get? I want to get similar photos!!!!

flickr:Rob Pettengill

A Questar 3.5" telescope with 2 Dakin 2X Barlow lenses like I use will do nicely. I would expect that any high quality 90-100 mm long focal length Apo refractor could do as well, but would be less convenient than the Questar. Gathering the data is just the first step and the processing afterwards is just as important. I have a tutorial article on my day-lapse technique at:

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