Lagoon & Trifid Nebulae

Lagoon & Trifid Nebulae

The Trifid, Lagoon, and dimmer but lovely IC 4685, are a highlight of southern summer skies. This image is from from the Texas Star Party in Fort Davis. Imaged starting 2022-04-30 08:31 UT. I stacked and processed 15 five minute expsoures taken with a William Optics RedCat 250/51mm telescope, Baader UV/IR cut filter, ZWO ASI 533 MC camera, and SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 mount, ASI EAF and guide camera. All were controlled with a ZWO ASIAir Plus Controller. I've rerendered as a drizzle stack in PixInsight with the the BlurXTerminator, NoiseXTerminator, and StarXTerminator plugins in Pixinsight and final exposure adjustment in Photoshop.

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Date Taken: 2022-04-30




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