Nearly Blue Moon Revisited

Nearly Blue Moon Revisited

Moon 2015-07-30 04:08 UT Questar 3.5” with Sony NEX-5N at prime focus (1280mm). Exp 1/80 sec at ISO 200. 12 of 24 images stacked and deconvolved in Nebulosity with with affine 8 parameter alignment taking nearly 6 hours. Post processed for exposure, saturation and additional masked sharpening in Photoshop.

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Date Taken: 2015-07-30
Keywords: Moon

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flickr:Jill Clardy

Awesome clarity; I have no idea what the Mac was doing for 8 hours but the result are terrific!

flickr:Angel Jaimes

Awesome shot.... Excellent !!!!

flickr:D.G Photography

Excellent! The details are brilliant


Congratulations on a well deserved Explore. Superb capture :-}}




This is the best full moon shot of any I have seen up to now. The processing you describe goes above my head. Whatever you did is exquisite. Congrats.

flickr:Angelo Petrozza

really sharp...

flickr:Fj MG

Excellent capture!!! Congratulations

flickr:Dane Schmidt

Beautiful Shot

flickr:Jill Clardy

And your image made it to Explore too !

flickr:Hector Brian Mejia

That is ridiculously impressive!! Heck of a job!!

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